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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  July 1, 2009 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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. >> bob: on to the bottom of the 4th. it's wired wednesday with scott olson. you wonder what the guys are talking about. they are talking about one of their pitchers struggling against a team going well.
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>> rob: breaking ball, change- up, hanging breaking ball, down and away, supposed to be there but it was up and away and hanley ramirez smacked it into right field. hopefully jordan zimmerman can locate a little bit better here in the bottom of the 4th inning but josh johnson removed from the game. good opportunity here for the nationals. uggla striking out first time up for the marlins. that fastball up. willie harris drifting, drifting and catching it about 395 feet away.
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you know, what the change-up and the breaking ball are a little up in the zone today so go with more fastballs. >> bob: everybody late. >> rob: everybody late, maybe work on the two-seamer, talks on putting a little pressure point on it, taking something off of it. he has such a great arm and a great fastball he does not even need the other pitches. >> bob: and taking care of that one, anderson hernandez. bases empty two outs. cody ross the hitter. nats very much in this game still, obviously.
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and all day long now, they have to get something going against several florida relief pitchers. >> rob: if these kids weren't here, they would have been about 50 fans. i don't see a whole lot of adults other than the counselors and staff. >> bob: day baseball here on a weekday and they made the right choice today. a fun atmosphere. that ball is high in the air to short left center. dunn over, harris over. willie has the call and zimmerman bounces back with a 1- 2-3, 4th inning.
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ryan signer man straight ahead.
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. >> bob: top of the 5th inning, 2-1 marlins. and we have some marlins no-hit trivia brought to you by aflac. come on, medvik.
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>> i was there for leiter. kevin brown. i'm going to go for browny. he didn't allow a lot of hits. >> bob: not with that sinker. >> rob: he had a nasty sinker. he would turn your back to the plate. >> bob: the front door breaking ball right there to zimmerman. chris coghlan made the play of the day to take a hit away from zimmerman. nick johnson was already on base and adam dunn followed that with a double. badenhop started last year. he is the pitcher of record right now for them. a possible win for him since johnson only pitches into the
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4th inning. that time ryan identifies the breaking ball. >> rob: they are going inside way, away to him. you have to take that pitch. you can't step into the bucket and pull it. a little fastball away. this has to be the book on zim right now. he is smoking the ball. still has to work it fast. >> bob: there is a hanging breaking ball but he hit it off the end of the bat. >> rob: just missed it. >> bob: you see that pitch, you think it's going out of here. three in a row for badenhop since coming in in the 4th and adam dunn is next. >> rob: badenhop got away with one there. baker wanted it down and in. ryan knew he missed it. end of the bat. we talked about that homeruns,
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outs, just fraction on the bat. i think ryan has turned the corner as far as the slump. >> bob: adam dunn having a good series. he is 4-for-10 with three extra base hits. >> rob: i mean, yesterday, he hit that double down the left field line. today, he has the double down the right field line and he is getting back to just hitting the ball where it's pitched on him which is when you know the guy is swinging the ball well. and he thought he walked in the 1st inning but he had rapuano punched him out on a pitch right off the corner. >> rob: let's see if he can get away with that breaking ball to adam dunn
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>> it's into right field but coghlan is standing right there. >> bob: top of the 5th, bases empty, two outs. a 2-1 game. josh willingham, 0-for-1 with a walk. see if josh can pick up a location here and maybe tie this game. count in his favor, a pitcher and a ballpark he knows well. and that one just a little bit further out than maybe he would have liked. >> rob: he has a nice sinker that he can throw towards the
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left handed batter's box and bring it right back over the plate. do they draft every pitcher like 6'6" in college baseball? >> bob: yeah, they are big. that's a breaking ball that willingham manages to foul off. i don't think you want to get into a brawl with this bunch. and there is anderson hernandez, 0-for-2 i. i like our team chances, though. >> willingham is huge, dunn, kearns. >> bob: adam can take care of a couple of guys e i yes. and then you have villone down in the pen.
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i don't remember the last time there was a bench clearing throwdown in baseball. >> bob: tallest player ever here, of course, mark hendrickson. solstad 6'8", johnson at 6'7". sean west not even on the look i'm looking at. he is 6'8". willingham drills down to left center. >> rob: get in there. >> bob: the ball will be cut off but he has time to get to second base and josh willingham has his third hit of the series, on base for the sixth time in these three games. >> rob: we have to make sure
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we don't get into a pick-up basketball with the marlins. a good chance rights here, nice anderson hernandez two-out flare. >> bob: nationals have been hurt by their little guy. time to return the favor. fastball up, hits it over to third. bonifacio. inning over. halfway through the ballgame, still very tight but the marlins lead 2-1. woman over p.a.: this is your final boarding call. all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 miles per hour. almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. starting august 16th fly southwest airlines from bwi airport to boston logan for just $49 one-way. bags fly free on southwest so our low fares stay low. grab your bag. it's on. - ( ding ) - book now at
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. they have the bullpen up already. are you kidding me?
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>> infield bleeder. by the pitcher got them scared. got them flinching over there. wow. wow! fast hook. fast, fast hook. >> bob: scott olson calling it correctly. he saw what was happening when josh-on struggled with control -- josh johnson struggled. josh johnson pulled after 89 pitches, having registerred only 10 outs. that ball hit to left by john baker. off the scoreboard. adam dunn play it is okay on the carom and a leadoff double for the marlins.
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>> rob: you want to attack the number 8 hole guy. baker takes it the other way. banks off the scoreboard. badenhop. i don't know why he even had to talk to the third base coach. it's pretty obvious he will try to lay down the sac bunt. >> bob: zimmerman and johnson at the corners. the ball is bunted over the screen. a lot of things at work here. anderson hernandez getting in behind the runner to make sure john baker stays near second. but that gives him a long, long run to the first base bag. here he is right now and he
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will get even closer to the bag as the pitch is made and then he is off to the races. there he goes. the ball bunted and that's right off of wil nieves. will the catcher stand up? and he becomes very vulnerable. >> rob: when you stand up, you expose a lot of your body that does not have protection. right here, it looks like it hit him in the thigh -- no, on theey. got him right off the top of the shin guards but that still hurts. >> bob: right now, josh bard has a groin problem bothering him. that's why he has not been in the line-up the last few days. manny is counting on a day off tomorrow for him additionally ready for the weekend. >> rob: wil is a tough kid. it takes more that a foul ball
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off the knee cap to gemstone hit out. he is laughing right now. >> bob: no, he will be feeling it tonight. >> rob: no, he will be eagle it tonight with the game on. >> bob: badenhop will step out as zimmerman steps off. bunts it in the air and zimmerman calls it. >> rob: nice.
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take charge, ryan. >> bob: so john baker still at second base, one out, top of the order. coghlan and bonifacio. coghlan with a damaging base hit last time set up a two-on, two-out situation with bonifacio followed with a single and then hanley ramirez made the nats play by driving in both.
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fastball. >> rob: i think jordan is getting a little tired. the velocity has gone down. he had to run the bases in this humidity. his count sup to about 75. >> bob: they are not catching up now, are they? looks like against certain hitters, the approach has changed here from the mound. and the count's 1-2. >> rob: the one thing about jordan and all these young pitchers, they are quick learners.
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>> bob: that one, 94. i guess 76th pitch of the day. >> rob: i gave up my share of hits on little bad sliders that drove my managers crazy. you are out there thinking, okay, i'm trying to get this guy out. you have thrown about five straight fastballs and let me try a breaking ball or something else and then the guy hits in in there. he is looking for that pitch. it's physically and mentally draining to throw fastball after fastball after fastball.
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>> bob: 2-122 inside and it is hooking into the corner i'm i now, he is getting a little too much off the fastball because he has thrown six straight pitches. you don't have a great change- up, don't have a great breaking ball but you still have to get him out. i like that about wil nieves. get out there and give him a breather. even though wil nieves wanted that pitch down and away, he threw it hard, 95, and it was up. >> bob: next pitch will be
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number 80. theap at-bat like this could put an end to a pitcher's afternoon. 3-2 now. and if you don't get this hitter and the next guy, well, you know who is in the hole. >> rob: i don't want to even think about that guy. coghlan, 8 fastballs to him now. number 9. and he had him very late on that one on a ball tailing away. strikeout number 6. >> rob: he threw him nothing but fastballs and he battled,
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battled, battled, battled and he won the battle there. not over yet. the guy coming up to the plate is almost as dangerous as hanley ramirez against us. 82 pitches now. it is just a very draining type afternoon for anybody. >> bob: bonifacio 1-for-2, reaching an an error, one error. left field, adam dunn, right there. inning over after the leadoff double. we go top 6. nieves, zimmerman, we think.
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gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. . >> bob: a busy day for jordan zimmerman. i don't see him putting a battle helmet to get on deck. maybe he is about to do that. let's check in geico. he's done some damage here with his bat. >> rob: very good day for him. awful day to pitch. josh johnson didn't even get through five innings. at the plate, this will suck the life out of you. dig out an infield single, 90%
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humidity. hard to breathe. you are sweating, losing fluid. may go one more inning but if is the pitching coach, i would be finding out from my catchers what he was thinking and then looking into the eyes of jordan zimmerman and asking, do you have enough in the tank to go another inning? >> bob: nieves takes a breaking pitch that moists and james hoye says no swing on the field. >> when you see guys struggling, you know, you took them off yoo. >> bob: you tonight want a guy out there laboring, you know. he is off pollance and throw the the pitch wrong.
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so freddie gonzalez knows this guy is a st. the team, 20 pins t of his last 30 starts. you get them to look at jordan zimmerman the sameay n@reason to push&iw kid. he is learning. there are going to be days like today. i meayou can throw 120, 130 pitches, they could be an easy 130. you could throw 105, five- inning and it will gas you. >> b: ú2 wil nieves. 4& xegetting beat up all over e e today. if it's not the other pitcher and his b: looks like it went úú right down his ú@shin on to his foot. >>: y ru wié xth when i played in the florida
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state league, years ago, we didn't play a lot of night games. it was é t. 12-cet third time. you see what genyus e up with that. yfre wano 0 @cloud cover here, there would be no telling what it woulbe


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